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Even Faster Web with HTTP/2

27 February 2015

HTTP/2 is a modern protocol with a new way to transfer data between a web server and a web browser, which significantly speeds up the loading of web content. Some of the advantages of this new protocol are the following: improved speed, low bandwidth, better connection management.

How Does My Website Look on Mobile Devices?

23 May 2014

Having an interactive, impressive and fashionable mobile website is a must for a successful online presence. According to Google statistics every seventh search is performed on a mobile device. 71% of the smartphone users look for more information on their phones after they see an advertisement on TV, online or in the press.

How to improve your website security in 10 steps

7 February 2013

Today, our hosting company SuperHosting.BG launches a campaign under the code name Security! By adding blog posts and specific guidelines on our help page we would like to achieve the best possible results together! This campaign focuses mainly on you and your websites. We rely on your questions and comments to "paint" together the whole picture of ...