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Security Vulnerability in Joomla! 1.5 Through 3.4 Patched

16 December 2015

Тhe vulnerability provides an opportunity for exploitation by remote code execution through the HTTP user agent. SuperHosting.BG customers, who are using services on shared hosting servers or Managed VPS, are completely protected from this Joomla! security breach.

How to Build a Website - 3 Tricks for Beginners

25 November 2015

There are few easy tricks for building a website without need of coding. This is possible thanks to special platforms called Content Management Systems (CMS). In this article we will tell you more about them, but namely – which are the most common platforms, what are the similarities and differences between them and which one is most suitable for you.

How To Speed Up Your Opencart Store? (Part 2)

17 March 2015

In a previous article we explained how to speed up your OpenCart store by reducing the calculation for the number of products displayed in a given category.
In this way you reduce the numerous SQL queries, sent towards the database. If you need the number of products to be visible, you can optimize in another way in order to improve your loading speed.
Today we will tell you about one more basic technique for optimizing and speeding up your OpenCart.