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Caching Systems and Web Acceleration

13 May 2015

The word 'cache' means 'to store, hide'. And web cache means storing web information. Caching of information for upcoming use is an effective way to accelerate the loading of a dynamic website. When compression of such saved information is applied, the downloading time for the user is accelerated even more.

General Settings in W3 Total Cache (Part 2)

5 May 2015

In the first part we talked about several settings of the Page Cache module in the W3 Total Cache plugin, which you have to pay attention to. Now we will describe the remaining caching types in this plugin.
As Object Cache and Database Cache will work with default settings, you may only enable them. We will emphasize on Minify as this option has more detailed settings and is often the reason for incorrect site visualization.

General Settings for W3 Total Cache (Part 1)

15 April 2015

Now in the upcoming articles part 1 and 2 we will provide you with more detailed information on W3 Total Cache settings, by means of which you can activate Memcached cashing in your WordPress website. These settings have been tested and proven suitable when using the shared hosting service.
The W3 Total Cache plugin has similar options and settings for data caching. This plugin is also a system for speeding up website loading.