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Our Secret SuperSupport and Your Websites

16 April 2019

Besides helping our customers when they need us we also care for their websites without informing them about that. Let's call it secret support. The support related to hosting service is far from only communicating with our customers via different channels. It is much more complicated and one of our main tasks is to make sure your websites are up and running as well as to prevent issues from occurring. We have always striven for our service to go beyond the limits of our responsibilities because our ultimate goal is to help customers.

Speeding Up PrestaShop's Loading Time From 5 to 1 Seconds (Case Study)

9 April 2019

The large amount of information in the database, combined with suboptimal queries to the database, can slow the load on any site. 5 seconds to load a page in an online store is too long. Even if it has the most useful and sought-after content among its competitors, the site will lose visitors and positions in the search engines.

Явор Денчев е един от най-запомнящите се персонажи на нашата ТВ реклама - нека видим какво се случва с него след 1 година.

Our TV SuperHero Yavor Denchev ( A Year Later!

4 April 2019

Помните ли Явката от нашата първа ТВ реклама? Запознахме се с него преди малко повече от година. Тогава той тепърва развиваше своята идея и все още нямаше сайт. Днес Явката не спира да се развива и се радва на успешен бизнес. Нека заедно разберем какво се промени през изминалата една година в професионалния живот на Явор, какви са предизвикателствата пред него и как той продължава напред с реализацията на своите мечти!

PHP 7.3 Comes With Enhanced Performance To Speed Up Your Web Projects Even More

3 April 2019

The latest version of the most widely used web scripting language for building dynamic websites - PHP 7.3 is already supported by SuperHosting.BG. Versions 7.1 and 7.2 which were released after the major 7.0 offered many language improvements related to enhancing the performance and increasing the security of PHP applications. The new PHP 7.3 now ...

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

22 March 2019

CMS is а term very often used in articles when it comes to building websites quickly and easily. And this is for a reason. If now you are planning to create your first website and you are still in the “I Want a Website. Where Should I Start From?” phase you most surely have already ...