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The .COM Domain – The Perfect Match For Your Website

The .com extension is easily recognized and dominating on the web. By choosing it you guarantee sustainable development in the right direction for your business. It allows your digital ownership to be easily identified on the web.

Domains? You Ask, We Answer (BG Video)

Which is the first thing to do when starting a new project? That’s right. You choose a name for it. For your web projects you also need a domain - this is your website's name in the digital world. The domain is what will help you stand out from the crowd and be easily discovered. Let’s follow each step little by little in the following lines...

Why You Should Create Your Own Website?

Contemporary platforms enable you to create wonderful webpages without requiring profound technical expertise. If you are looking for a reason to start your own web project, you can read some solid arguments brought forward by us in the following lines:

Clean Up Your Hosting Account Regularly

Day 7 - one step away from the secure web presence. This is the last step of the security week in our SuperBlog, but this does not mean we are about to stop providing you with tips and tricks for securing your web presence.

Use an Encrypted Connection

Here comes the sixth post from our security sequence. Yesterday we told you more about the importance of having a reliable hosting partner for securing your web presence. Today we will focus on connections.