Dian Tankov

Dian is the person you can meet at every significant web event, where he and you learn about the innovations in the digital world. Dian stays behind the interesting games and prizes which we prepare for you at those events. Except our customers he cares also for our SuperTeam by giving ideas for interesting end of the business day. Dian's SuperPower is that he always has an interesting story to tell.
Digital4Plovdiv, conference that will take place on 30th November in Plovdiv. The event will gather together professionals from all over the country who will delve into the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and e-commerce.
The thought of the sea and the beach can't stop chasing us all summer. That's why we are beyond happy that at the beginning of September we will have the chance to go to the beach once more as meanwhile we will learn what's new with WordPress. On the 2nd and 3rd September we plan to pack our swimsuits, towels and flip flops together with the themes and plugins and land directly at WordCamp Varna 2017.
The summer is here and only half of this year has passed but we have already met more than 10.000 new friends while attending 46 events for the past six months. We decided to take stock and do a short overview of the highlights.