6 Holiday Tips for Your E-store

​There are 40 days and 7 hours until Christmas! Are you ready for the big Christmas shopping? Have you asked yourself how to sell more during the upcoming holidays or how to make your store stand out?

If you wish to be well prepared for the upcoming shopping wave, even if you still do not have a ready е-store, this is the right article for you!

№1:Holiday Spirit for Your E-store. Let it be!

Prepare Christmas decorations for your е-store. Little details can make your customers feel the upcoming holidays!

​Prepare Christmas decorations for your е-store by the end of November. Little details can make your customers feel the upcoming holidays! You have probably seen е-store logos, decorated with Santa hats and Christmas ornaments. The banners leading to Christmas promotions are often also properly decorated for the case. Snow is inarguably one of the most popular elements for holiday decoration. There are many other ways to bring a holiday mood in your е-store! We recommend that you try this time with a more minimalistic Christmas vision by focusing on the fonts and small graphics. Try new things!

№2:Take Out All Your Hidden Trumps. It’s time for promotions!

Pick up your bestsellers and present them in the best possible way!

​Holiday discounts, Christmas promotions or mind blowing percentage off… As Christmas is knocking on the door, stores are racing each other to offer the most tempting promotions to their customers. It is high time you chose your bestsellers and present them in the most attractive way – in a separate category or even on your home page. It’s all up to you!

№3: Be Prepared in Terms of Stock Availability! 

As the common phrase says – it is never enough!

​You are ready with the Christmas offers, you have also planned your holiday ads. Now is the time to also think about the stocks of all the products you are selling. There is nothing more unpleasant for the customers than ordering a product and then receiving a call to inform them that it is out of stock. It is important to strictly track the production and deliveries of the items sold so that you make sure that there are enough of them in stock. Still, it is never enough! It is better to have more of a particular product even if you can’t sell the whole amount. You can always keep the rest for next year.

№4: Small Gestures are Always Appreciated! Start Making Small Gestures!

Think of a little gift which you can add to every order.

​Christmas and New Year’s Eve are associated mostly with presents exchange. Wouldn’t it be great to make a little gift to your customers? It is a great idea to prepare a small gift which you can add to every order. The gifts might be common things as a Christmas toy, a Christmas card, mini Christmas tree, a candle or even a beautifully packed candy. There are so many opportunities. It all depends on your imagination and the products you sell. You will be surprised by the results 🙂 .

№5: Content Is Your E-store’s Hard-Working Elf!

Prepare special Christmas images of the products which will be leading in the upcoming holiday campaign.

​Go through all of the items in your e-store. Look through their images, descriptions, even titles. Think about how to improve them. A new image or additional sentence in the item’s description can also affect sales. Make special Christmas images of the products which will be leading in the upcoming holiday campaign. Read thoroughly the Delivery Terms and Conditions as well as the Return Policy. The information, published on your e-store, should be precise, correct and easy to find.

№6:​ Promo-Codes for the Well-Behaved!

Generate new promo codes to give away during your winter campaign.

Update all of the promo codes you have generated to date. Prepare new promo codes to give away during the Christmas campaign. This can be a good marketing tool for boasting your results. Give the codes away when a customer reaches a given amount while ordering or as a compliment to certain users. If you also add the opportunity for a free delivery to all of the orders, the SuperResult will not be late.

If you still do not have an e-store… but you would like to be part of the big Christmas shopping… It’s never too late!

Create your e-store only for a few minutes. Take a few days to upload your products. Prepare appropriate images. Write detailed descriptions for each one. Make a short presentation of your business as well as Order and Delivery Terms and Conditions. After a week you will have your own e-store. Shopiko will help you cope with everything for a short time even without having any special technical skills!

These tips certainly do not cover everything you might try so as to achieve your desired business outcome during the upcoming holidays. Hence, we will be glad if you help us complete this list with your comments and pieces of useful advice from your experience selling online!

SuperHosting.BG is our SuperTeam! Every day we give our best to make our clients number one. The SuperPower of our SuperTeam is that we are always ready to provide you the precise information you need.
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